So you think you are the master of useless information? ZDNet Australia challenges you with our new Builder weekly quiz.

GeekWelcome to the new Builder Geek Trivia page. The game is easy. Each week we will provide five questions on any random topic for you to answer. The first reader to e-mail us with all five answers correct will be crowned the “Geek of the week”.

So what are you waiting for? Get going already!

Question 1

What year was Frederick P. Brooks’ book The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering first published?

Question 2

In what year was Bill Gates born?

Question 3

In the Simpsons, Homer’s full name is Homer J Simpson. What does the J stand for?

Question 4

What does JAXB stand for? (hint)

Question 5

What year was the movie “War Games” starring Mattew Broderick released?

How did you go? E-mail ZDNet Australia with your answers for your chance to be crowned the Builder Geek of the Week. If you are lucky enough to be the winner your name will be published in next weeks trivia.

Look for all the answers make sure to visit next weeks edition of Geek Trivia!