So you think you are the master of useless information? ZDNet Australia challenges you with our Builder weekly quiz.

Welcome to the Builder Geek Trivia page. The game is easy. Each week we will provide five questions on any random topic for you to answer. The first reader to e-mail us with all five answers correct will be crowned the “Geek of the week”.

So what are you waiting for? Get going already!

Question 1

of the Week

Residence Erskineville NSW
Occupation Office Manager
Sex Female
Web site
Linux or Windows? Windows I guess?
Best invention? Variable speed controls
Favourite Movie Bad Taste
Favourite Game Pong

If you had DeQuervain’s Tenosynovitis, where would it hurt?

Question 2

According to Tim Landgrave in this article, who will buy Sun within the next 24 months?

Question 3

What was Harry Houdini’s real name?

Question 4

In the Simpsons, what is Principal Skinner’s real name?

Question 5

Which rock band did Rick Allen play the drums for?

How did you go? E-mail ZDNet Australia with your answers for your chance to be crowned the Builder Geek of the Week. If you are lucky enough to be the winner your name will be published in next weeks trivia.

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Last Week’s Answers

Question 1

What does XSL stand for?

Answer: The Extensible Stylesheet Language

Question 2

From the Simpsons, name three of Krusty the Clowns’ sideshows.

Answer:Here are four that were accepted: Mel, Bob, Luke Perry, Raheem

Question 3

The CSIRO commissioned Australia’s first computer. One of only four supercomputers in the world at the time, what name was it known as?

Answer: CSIRAC

Question 4

What was the genesis of the irrepressible Monkey?

Answer: He was born from an egg named “thought”, which in turn was laid by a rock, and hatched by elemental forces. The rock had become magically fertile after being worked upon by the pure essences of heaven, moisture of the earth and the powers of the sun and the moon. In the second season this explanation was reduced to “Monkey was born of time, of Heaven and Earth, Sun and moon, out of a stone egg”.

Question 5

Who is the common link between Rocky, Saturday Night Fever and Class of Nuke ‘Em High Part II: Subhumanoid Meltdown?

Answer: Lloyd Kaufman