Geek Trivia #9

So you think you are the master of useless information? ZDNet Australia challenges you with our Builder weekly quiz.

So you think you are the master of useless information? ZDNet Australia challenges you with our Builder weekly quiz.

Welcome to the Builder Geek Trivia page. The game is easy. Each week we will provide five questions on any random topic for you to answer. The first reader to e-mail us with all five answers correct will be crowned the "Geek of the week".

So what are you waiting for? Get going already!

Question 1
Geek of the Week
Residence Sydney, NSW
Occupation Student, Year 12
Sex Male
Favourite Web site
Linux or Windows? Windows
Best invention? Hardware MP3 players
Favourite Movie The Matrix, Pulp Fiction
Favourite Game Half-life

What were Microsoft's code names for Windows 98 and 95 prior to their release?

Question 2
What does CRUD stand for in this article?

Question 3
Which Muppet throws boomerang fish?

Question 4
From the Simpsons, what is the name of C. Montgomery Burns' brother?

Question 5
In which BBC comedy series was the phrase "ecky thump" first used?

How did you go? E-mail ZDNet Australia with your answers for your chance to be crowned the Builder Geek of the Week. If you are lucky enough to be the winner your name will be published in next week's trivia.

Last Week's Answers

Question 1

From The Simpsons, name five inventions of Professor Frink.
Answers: Death Ray, Gamble-Tron 2000, Radio Controlled aeroplane for babies, Robot bear, Run-away house, 77X42 super sour ball, Flying Motorcycle, Frinkahedron, Frinkiac-7 Computer, AT-5000 Auto-Dialler (Frink's first patent), Chess-playing robot arm, Virtual Chilli, M. C. Escher's 'Cricket Stumps', Floyd the robot, Mood Pants, Matter Transporter, Visible Computer, Hamburger Earmuffs, Radio-Source Finding Ear Trumpet, Monsterometer, Flipper-Finder, Hoax-a-scope, Frog Exaggerator, Sarcasm Detector

Question 2
What does IDL stand for in this article?
Answer: Interface Definition Language

Question 3
In the Goons, who is Hercules Grytpype-Thynne's criminal partner?
Answer: Count Jim "Thighs" Moriarty

Question 4
The Berkeley Computer Corporation had been formed in 1968 to build a supercomputer that could accommodate up to five hundred users at a time. The ambitious project attracted a group of enthusiastic young computer scientists, who produced groundbreaking developments, including virtual memory. What year did the Corporation close it's doors?
Answer: 1970

Question 5
Which company in 1981 developed the first computer on the market to boast a mouse and a point-and-click interface?
Answer: Xerox -- STAR 8010