If you uncover a questionable fact or debatable aspect of this week’s Geek Trivia, just post it in the discussion area of the article. Every week, yours truly will choose the best quibble from our assembled masses and discuss it in a future edition of Geek Trivia.

This week’s quibble comes from the Jan. 6, 2009 edition of Geek Trivia, “Master of your (top-level) domain.” TechRepublic member amacintosh felt I had grossly mischaracterized the backstory behind the .tv domain-holders:

“‘However, most of the various video and television Web sites found under the .tv top-level domain are not based on the island of Tuvalu.’ To be fair to Tuvalu, they sold the rights to .tv to DotTV in 2000 for $50 million. Apparently, most of the money made in that transaction has been used to pave roads: [see here and here].”

Fair points, dear reader. I was merely trying to convey a disconnect between domain name intent and usage, not any duplicity on the part of the domain holders. Thanks for the quibble, and keep them coming!

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