If you uncover a questionable fact or debatable aspect of this week’s Geek Trivia, “Double (trouble) figures,” just post it in the discussion area. Every week, yours truly will choose the best quibble from the assembled masses and discuss it in a future edition of Geek Trivia.

This week’s quibble isn’t so much a quibble as a commiseration. It comes from the January 1 edition of Geek Trivia, “Editorial oversight.” TechRepublic members paul.hamer, Zeppo9191, john.st.lawrence, RosaNegra, GSG, and NickNielsen all chimed in with tales of woe regarding cartographic copyright traps. NickNielsen summed it up best with the following:

“My last tour in Germany, I was trying to find the road between two towns on the North Sea coast. The road was clearly marked on the map but did not actually exist. The road started out of town, but the pavement ended in a parking lot; the intervening distance to the next town (about 3 km) was sand dunes. When I contacted the map’s provider about the error, they apologized, but identified the error as a Mountweazel entry to help protect their copyright.”

Thanks for the warning about mythical map mischief, friends, and keep those quibbles coming.

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