If you uncover a questionable fact or debatable aspect of this week’s Geek Trivia, just post it in the discussion area of the article. Every week, yours truly will choose the best quibble from our assembled masses and discuss it in a future edition of Geek Trivia.

This week’s quibble comes from the March 3, 2009 edition of Geek Trivia, “A waste of space (program).” TechRepublic member Bamaro disputed the notion that the infamous optical inadequacies in the Hubble Space Telescope were ever truly repaired:

“How good was the corrective lens? I assume it did not completely correct the flaw. Anyone know if this is true and how bad was the Hubble hobbled?”

TechRepublic member Ric_Shanahan had the answer before I even heard the question:

“The ‘lenses’ used to correct Hubble’s figure error were actually small mirrors with an error exactly opposite to the main mirror. They worked very well because, once it was clear (pun) what went wrong, the error could be exactly corrected.”

For good measure, TechRepublic member JCanaday threw in links to some visual proof of the improvement:

“Judging from the quality of the Hubble pictures I’ve seen, the correction was pretty darn good. Here’s a link to some before and after shots.”

Thanks for the questions and answers, gang, and keep those quibbles coming!

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