A great blog post is one that provokes a reaction, so here’s a list of the top 10 Geekend posts (excluding Geek Trivia) of 2008 that generated the most comments.

  1. The geek movies you’re embarrassed you like (308)
  2. 10 sci-fi technologies that just might happen (276)
  3. The worst science fiction TV shows (252)
  4. Is Google a god? (212)
  5. Sci-fi and fantasy books that “make you dumb” (194)
  6. Sci-fi rant: Why giant mecha robots are stupid (167)
  7. The Feds are data mining World of Warcraft — surely, you can’t be serious? (136)
  8. Steve Jobs: “People don’t read anymore” (112)
  9. Poll: Which sci-fi/fantasy presidential ticket gets your vote? (94)
  10. Top 10 sci-fi curse words (82)

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