Generating a system configuration report in Windows 2000 Pro

Take inventory of your Windows 2000 Professional system by running a system configuration report before you troubleshoot a problem or conduct a simple upgrade. Here's how to find out what devices, drivers, and more live in your computer.

It's useful to have a system configuration report showing all device resource assignments, drivers, and other data for troubleshooting purposes or as a snapshot of your Windows 2000 Professional system. Whether you have a problem with a device conflict or simply need to plan an upgrade and are looking for available resources (IRQ, DMA, I/O, or RAM), having a report in hand can save a lot of aggravation.

You can use the Device Manager to print a system summary showing basic information, print a report for a given device or class of device, or print a report that shows both. To get your report, open the Device Manager branch of the Computer Management console, and if you want a report for a given device or class, select that class in the right pane. Then, choose View | Print. Select from the three options offered, choose a printer, then click Print. If you want a copy on the disk in editable format, install the Generic/Text Only printer driver and print the report to a file.

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