The Sabayon development team announced the availability of version 8 this week, acknowledging the challenge to allow “the bleeding edge and reliability to coexist.” Gentoo-based Sabayon touts its variety of packages and installations to choose from, and even though their FAQ mentions its appropriateness for new Linux users, it’s aimed at more experienced users who want to customize to their hearts’ content.

Here is what’s available:

  • Sabayon GNOME
  • KDE
  • Xfce
  • SpinBase (bare-metal flavour for building your own ISO images)
  • ServerBase (same but with server-optimized kernel)
  • CoreCDX, for those liking Fluxbox

Some of the new features included are:

  • The first Extreme-Rolling Release distribution, with automated repository package version bumping, thanks to Entropy Matter ebuild tracker
  • Always up-to-date Linux Kernel 3.2 (and experimental “Fusion” Kernels available in repositories)
  • Providing extra Server-oriented Linux kernels (OpenVZ, Vserver, Generic Server)
  • GNOME 3.2.2 Visual Environment
  • KDE 4.7.4 Desktop Environment (4.8.0 available in a few days)
  • Improved Xfce 4.8 out-of-the-box experience (for those missing GNOME2)
  • Improved LibreOffice integration, updated to 3.4.4
  • Cinnamon and Razor Qt available in repositories

To download, check out the Mirror List here.

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