After an extended gestation period of betas and release candidates, the official release of Firefox 3 finally hit the Internet this week. Coupled with a world record attempt for most software downloads in a 24-hour period, this release was always going to be big. It does help your propaganda if there is not a current world record to try to pass, but this new record is a good benchmark and will take some beating — it will probably take something out of the Microsoft stable to top it.

Closer to home now, and on Wednesday, Google Developer Day occurred in Sydney. Builder AU was there all will be bringing you all our video interviews shortly, but if you couldn’t make it in person, then Google’s videos and slides from its recent I/O conference is a nice substitute. Lana Kovacevic dropped into one of the OpenSocial sessions to see what all the fuss is about.

Over in London, Gary McKinnon took his extradition appeal to the House of Lords. McKinnon is trying to prevent his extradition to the US after hacking into NASA, the Pentagon, US Air Force and US Army with blank Windows administrator passwords.

Geekery was definitely the topic for Club Builder this week — a particular highlight was the footage of Intel’s hand and arm robots.

Ivar Jacobson chimed in with some blogs about outsourcing this week. The first explained how outsourcing failures are never communicated because the company taking the contract makes lots of money and the company doing the outsourcing is too embarrassed to admit its failures. Following that, Jacobson then explained with a real world example of a US state government that got done over.

Finally and returning to software with long gestation periods; Wine, the Windows compatibility layer for Linux, made it out the door after 15 years. And some of us were getting itchy waiting for Firefox!