How do you hold your tablet when you’re using it on the go? With one hand, two hands? Does it sometimes feel awkward? Or worse yet, have you ever dropped your tablet?

If you’ve experienced difficulty handling your tablet and thought that there has to be a better way, then you’ll be interested to learn about G-Hold. Created by Alison Grieve, an entrepreneur from Scotland, G-Hold is revolutionary product designed to allow you to keep a solid grip on your tablet with just one hand so that your other hand is free to navigate your touch screen. Since you never have to worry about losing your grip or dropping your tablet, you can focus all your attention on the work or entertainment on the screen. Let’s take a closer look.

The origin

The story behind the genesis of the G-Hold is just too good to leave out, as it truly exemplifies the notion of the entrepreneurial spirit at work. A person seeing a problem, developing an innovative solution, turning it into a budding business, and then later successfully applying the core of that invention to solving a problem in a completely different industry altogether.

After witnessing a waitress spill the contents of her serving tray, Grieve came up with an idea for a new serving tray with a built-in clip on the bottom of the tray (Figure A). The clip fits snuggly between your fingers and provides you with a solid hold on the tray, thus making the act of balancing a tray full of drinks that much easier. She called her new product the Safetray.

Figure A

The Safetray has a built-in grip that makes the act of balancing a tray full of drinks much easier.

Later, while using an iPad to keep track of her Safetray business, Grieve discovered that holding the tablet when working could be an awkward undertaking. That’s when she came up with the idea of making a stand-alone product, similar to the clip component of the Safetray, but with added functionality that can be attached to a tablet.

The G-Hold

Measuring just about 4.5-inches in diameter (Figure B), the G-hold can be used on mini and full-sized tablets. The G-Hold is constructed of a very solid plastic material and a clip mechanism, with sturdy flexible connectors that slide back and forth on its track very easily. However, the packaging, which is as unique as the product, does contain a warning that the central disc can be damaged if it’s hit against a hard surface. In the event that damage does happen, you can easily remove the part and replace it with a new one ordered from the company’s website.

Figure B

The G-Hold measure just about 4.5-inches in diameter.

Attaching the G-Hold to your tablet is a snap. You just peel off the backing and press the G-Hold firmly onto the back of your tablet. Once it’s attached, you slide the clip mechanism up. As the inner disc pops out, you’ll discover that it provides just the right amount of space to slide your hand into the clip and fit it right between your fingers. It’s a very comfortable fit too, I might add. If that weren’t enough, the G-Hold rotates a complete 360 degrees, making viewing the screen from any angle very easy. Another nice benefit of the G-Hold is that with the clip folded down, the unit is thin enough that you can still insert your tablet into a folio case.

I attached the G-Hold to my HP Stream 7, which is a small tablet, and found it to be a great combination (Figure C). Up to this point, I rarely used this tablet out of its folio case because its small size made it easy for the tablet to slip out of my hands. However, the folio case isn’t perfect in all situations–it can easily fold down or close as I’m handling the tablet. With the G-Hold, I get the best of both worlds. Out of the folio case, I can easily hold and maneuver the small tablet. With the clip folded down, the HP still fits perfectly in its folio case.

Figure C

I attached the G-Hold to my HP Stream 7, and it worked perfectly.

I also tried the G-Hold on a Del Venue 11 Pro, which is a 7×11 tablet, and found that I could very easily maintain control of the larger, slightly heavier, tablet.

The unit that I’m reviewing here is actually called the G-Hold Micro Suction, due to the specially designed material that sticks the unit to the back of a tablet. While this material provides a rock-solid bond between the G-Hold and the tablet, it’s not permanent. In fact, if you decide that you want to use the G-Hold Micro Suction on a different tablet, you can carefully pry the G-Hold and the tablet apart, clean the micro suction material with a damp cloth, and then attach the G-Hold to another tablet.

The Safetray company also makes a product called the G-Hold Megastick that will stick permanently to a tablet.

Get a G-Hold

As I mentioned, the Safetray company is located in Scotland, and they’re very proud of that fact (be sure to take some time to investigate the company’s website for the interesting stories, pictures, and videos). Safetray products are very popular in the UK, but they’re just breaking into the US market. The G-Hold Micro Suction sells for $34.95/£22.50, while the G-Hold Megastick sells for $24.95/£19.50. In the US, you can order G-Hold products online from B&H Photo, Video & Pro Audio or Adorama Camera. In the UK, G-Hold products are available at a number of locations, so be sure to check out the G-Hold site for more information.

What’s your take?

Have you wished for a better way to hold your tablet? What do you think of the G-Hold product? Let us know in the discussion thread below.