The latest installment of the Inside TechRepublic podcast features IT Consultant host and blogger Chip Camden. I’ve worked with Chip for a little more than a year, and while I know him to be a great writer with a good sense of humor, there’s a lot I didn’t know about him.

Here’s a sampling of the personal and professional information that you’ll learn about Chip in the podcast:

  • How he got the nickname Chip
  • What company he initially thought TechRepublic was a part of (hint: think Redmond)
  • How he got the IT Consulting blog gig
  • What his primary specialty is these days
  • How he got into IT by accident
  • What happened during a nightmare project
  • His proudest career moment to date
  • What he likes to do in his free time

Good or bad time for IT consultants?

TechRepublic Senior Editor Sonja Thompson asked, “Is it a good time or a bad time for IT consultants?” Here’s an excerpt of Chip’s reply:

“I think it’s a good time. You have to know what you’re doing; you really have to look for your opportunities now. I think the real key right now is to provide value and to make sure that your prospects know what the value is that you provide. If you can make the case that you’re going to save them money — both in the short-term and in the long-term — then you’ll get the business.”

Listen to the entire interview to find out more about one of our most active TechRepublic members.

A sampling of Chip’s recent posts

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