It’s an employee’s voyeur paradise. A new site,, offers visitors an intimate peek into the inner workings of companies. The details include salary information, employee ratings of CEOs, and gossip about work environments, among other things.

(At present, the site covers only companies in the San Francisco Bay area — such as Microsoft, Yahoo!, Cisco Systems, and Google — but says it will be broadening its geographic scope.)

In order to view the information the site offers, you must provide details about your own employment (anonymously). Once you do that, you can “Freely browse the reviews and salaries in the Glassdoor community, get involved in the discussion, and make smarter decisions about your job!”

This could prove interesting. It seems like it could put a lot of companies in hot water, especially if employees are able to see what kind of salary someone doing an equivalent job is making. It would also take just one disgruntled employee to put a company in a bad light — a situation that could prove problematic if that company is looking to attain top talent. This would apply especially to the area of the site where CEOs get approval rankings determined by the posters.

Here are some examples of approval ratings from the site, by the way:

  • Steve Ballmer (Microsoft CEO and Director) — 66%
  • Jerry Yang (Yahoo CEO and Director) — 53%
  • John T. Chambers (Cisco Systems Chairman and CEO) — 94%
  • Eric E. Schmidt (Google Chairman and CEO) — 84%

It’s been my experience with writing this blog that people are much more willing to express their displeasure than they are to let you know they like something, so you have to wonder about the stats a little.