Get familiar with canvas-mode windows

Learn about canvas-mode windows, which provide a useful environment for slide shows or presentations.

By Brent Lee Metcalfe

By canvas mode, I mean a window that occupies the full screen, regardless of monitor size or resolution. Canvas-mode windows provide a useful environment for slide shows or presentations. In such cases, size definitely matters.

Windows don't get any bigger than this. Here I set two variables for the availWidth and availHeight properties of the screen object. These two properties store the total available screen width and height for displaying a new window.

var chasm = screen.availWidth;
var mount = screen.availHeight;

var kingy = null;

function nav_ie_Can() {
  kingy ='','k1','top=0,left=0,width=' + (chasm - 10) + ',height=' + (mount - 30));

Variables chasm and mount set the width and height of the canvas-mode window in function nav_ie_Can(). But because the conventional width and height features don't account for the window chrome, the approximate pixel size of the chrome must be subtracted.

Not all 4.x browsers are created equally; users of Communicator 4.06 will notice a space approximately the height of the browser's status bar at the bottom of the canvas-mode window.

Brent Lee Metcalfe is a Web architecture consultant.

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