If you enjoy Windows XP’s Desktop
Theme capability, chances are that you’ve selected the More Themes Online
option from the Themes drop-down list on the Display Properties dialog box’s
Themes tab. Of course, doing so takes you to the Microsoft Plus! SuperPack sales pitch page, which then prompts you to make
a purchase. However, you don’t have to purchase the Microsoft Plus! SuperPack to get more desktop themes from Microsoft.

In fact, Microsoft recently released several new desktop
themes for free on the Microsoft Download Center. Each desktop theme comes with
wallpaper, cursors, icons, sounds, and a screensaver. Here is a list of new themes:

  • Microsoft
    Egypt Nile Theme
  • Microsoft
    Nature Theme 1 Animal
  • Microsoft
    Nature Theme 2
  • New
    Zealand Bliss Desktop Backgrounds for Windows
  • Microsoft
    Thème Québec
  • Microsoft
    Historical Monuments
  • Once you download the desktop theme installation file, simply
    double-click the file and follow the instructions in the wizard to complete the

    Note: This tip applies
    to both Windows XP Home and Windows XP Professional.

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