If you’ve gotten marginally comfortable with public speaking, you must not stop there. Take the next step and infuse your presentations with charisma.


I can remember when my preparation for public speaking events only involved trying not to faint before and during the speech. My goal was merely not to embarrass myself so badly when I delivered a speech that I would have to assume a new identity and relocate.

With practice, however, came a certain degree of confidence, if only because I got used to the act of public speaking. This is where most people stop.

The next step in the public speaking evolution should be adding some charisma into your presentations. This is something Steve Jobs does very well. (What, when I said “master” in the title you thought I was talking about me? Ha!)

This piece on learning to present like Steve Jobs from BNET offers four great steps for infusing your public speaking style with the kind of power Steve Jobs is known for. Check it out — it’s pretty interesting!