Get ready for Africa to emerge as a cybersecurity powerhouse

Africa's growing technology adoption and economy means increased potential for impactful cyberevents, says IBM Security's Caleb Barlow.

Get ready for Africa to emerge as a cybersecurity powerhouse

As African countries emerge as economic powerhouses, it also means they are a rapidly emerging threat-vector. TechRepublic's Dan Patterson met with IBM Security's vice president of threat intelligence Caleb Barlow to discuss how the world's second largest continent is becoming a cybersecurity powerhouse.

"As Africa emerges as a large player in the global economy, so too does the threat from cyber-- both in terms of potential companies in which the bad guy can break into, but also homegrown adversaries that are interested in attacking other parts of the world, or also attacking locally," Barlow said.

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We're going to see new forms of attacks, and Africa will be added to the world stage of cyberplayers, he said. IBM's intelligence team has seen a lift in actors coming from Africa, as well as attacks landing in Africa. "I think this is in addition to everything we've seen globally up to this point," he said.

Barlow also predicted in 2018 that cybersecurity will transition into an artificial intelligence (AI) vs. AI fight-- meaning organizations will use AI to defend their systems, while those try to break into those systems will use AI to find the holes. This new approach to cybersecurity "is all about staying one step ahead of the bad guys with newer technology, better approaches, and better analytics," he said.

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