It seems software developers are quite a musical bunch. Microsoft
have a band called “Band on the Runtime” which play cover songs like
“VB.NET” to the tune of the Villiage People’s YMCA, and Richard
Stallman sings his woeful Free Software song. There are even a few musicians amongst the Builder AU team.

This week I was forwarded a message saying a group of
developers in Sydney who go by the name “Rootkit” have written,
produced and feature their own pop video called “patch me up”.

They seem to be such a hit on the Web they could well be the next big
thing on the Internet since the Star Wars Kid, Trogdor, and the Numa
Dance. In fact, they are currently competing in GoogleIdol, a voting
Web site to find the next Internet phenomenon.

The boss of these five rising stars has supported their quest for
fame and was quoted recently as saying “Whether they win or not, they
are already idolised at Altiris for their great sense of humour and
the brilliant energy they bring to the team”.

You can vote for Rootkit on the GoogleIdol Web site at:

They are no Rick Springfield just yet but we’ll be keeping an eye on
the future of these rising stars. Stay tuned.