Get ready to rumble in the Google Code Jam

If you want to join the Google Code Jam but need a refresher course, let help. We've got articles on everything from Java to Perl, so you can prepare to do battle with your fellow builders.

Google has announced its Code Jam 2003 contest, a series of challenges for Web developers to compete for cash prizes and perhaps a job at Google. Registration is open now for you hotshot code jockeys who think you're good enough to code with the best.

Cram course
For those of you who want to try tackling the Code Jam but need some refresher courses, is here to help. Need some advanced Java hints? Try our recent article that shows how to do method overloading or the one that extols the virtues of Javadoc, or see how to use UML to diagram Java classes. And for the really adventurous, there's even an article on using J2EE's RMI mechanism.

If it's XML you're feeling a bit weak on, check out our articles on using RSS to aggregate content, creating XML with PHP, and putting XHTML to work. Or see how to combine Java and XML in our article on extracting XML from a JDBC database.

You can brush up on your HTML skills by following the discussion on whether to use CSS now or wait. While you're there, why not contribute your own ideas and tips to the discussion? If you need to read up on dynamic HTML, our review of Danny Goodman's Dynamic HTML book will help you decide what to pick up at the bookstore.

But wait, you say, it's JavaScript you don't know too well. In that case, read the discussion on how to detect when a link has been clicked, along with the articles on adding foreign language support and selectively displaying preloaded content.

Now if Perl's your weakness, learn how to build an automated response system or how to maintain sessions across a server farm—or even how to build a simple SOAP application in Perl.

There you have it: Java, XML, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Perl. And if you need information on any other topics, or more articles on these topics, search for them here on You'll no doubt find something that will help.

Joining the Google Code Jam?
If you do decide to brave the Google Code Jam, tell us about it by posting to the discussion below. Let your fellow Builders know that you're entering the contest so we can all cheer you on. And let us know what you think about the sample challenges that Google posts in its practice arena.

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