The Tek-Tips Forums Web site is dedicated to providing Web-based discussion forums for computer professionals. The site boasts dozens of online forums, which are organized in an easy-to-browse category tree.

The main home page categories cover software, hardware, desktop systems, and corporate applications. There’s also a category targeting how you can look out for number one. It includes forums for corporate survival, trends, and strategies.

Site navigation is simplified, thanks to subcategories covering such subjects as MIS, Programmers, ISPs, Instructors, Server Rack, Communications Rack, Wiring Closet, Desktop Hardware and Software, Data Management, Vertical Applications, Corporate Survival, and Trends and Strategies. Just click down the category tree until you find the forum you’re after.

For example, let’s say you want to ask a question about 3Com routers. You’d click the Communications Rack category, then Networking, and finally 3Com: Routers. The next thing you know, you’re looking at forum postings.

Another nice method of searching the site is via the Top Ten forums (the most heavily visited forums), which Tek-Tips places in a handy navigation bar on the right-hand side of the page. And, of course, there’s a search engine if you want to query the site.

However, there is one drawback—although it could change. None of the forums I viewed (with the exception of the Top Ten) seemed very active.

You’ll want to ensure you register as a member. Your e-mail address, user name, profession, and password are the only items required. As a member, you receive quicker access to forums and receive notification of forum posts.

A surprisingly excellent feature of the Tek-Tips site is the link library. It’s organized according to the same set of categories as the forums. Each subject in the link library provides a categorized list of annotated links, covering such subjects as user groups, books, journals, careers, vendors, conferences, training and testing, and downloads.

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