For the past two years, TechRepublic has worked to build the premier community of IT professionals on the Internet. We have led the way with informative content, compelling commentary, impartial reviews, and comprehensive coverage of the latest technology. Our membership has soared to over 700,000 registered passport holders, and we’ve launched the fourth version of our Web site.

While all of us at TechRepublic are very proud of our accomplishments, we know that none of this would have been possible without you, our invaluable community members. Indeed, you are a driving force behind TechRepublic. Each day, your forum postings, chat sessions, threaded message discussions, auctions, and feedback mold TechRepublic into your community. Ultimately, TechRepublic is an online community built by IT professionals for IT professionals. This vision continues with the rollout of TechRepublic V4 and the introduction of an exciting, new column, Feature Member Profiles.

Showcasing the best of TechRepublic
But what is the Feature Member Profile (FMP), and how will it improve TechRepublic? Like the residents of any neighborhood, it’s important for TechRepublic citizens to know and identify with each other. This familiarity with your peers fosters a sense of community and enhances the open exchange of information.

Each week, every Republic will interview a different community professional and present him or her as a Feature Member. The article will include the individual’s vital statistics, IT experience, and his or her picture. That’s right, now you can see your peers. They’ve made a significant contribution to TechRepublic, and this is our way of saying “Thank you.”

The column will also contain an interview with the Feature Member. This dialogue will focus on a significant IT issue important to the individual and the TechRepublic community. Get the inside scoop on the pressing questions from the people who know. Click here to see Todd Parker’s Feature Member Profile interview.

Have you got the right stuff?
How can you be showcased in a Feature Member Profile? It’s simple—just become an outstanding community member. Be an active part of TechRepublic and get involved in discussion threads, post article comments, answer forum questions, and send us feedback. The Feature Member Profile is a chance to showcase the best and brightest TechRepublic has to offer. Are you up to the challenge? Click here to tell us your story.

Tell us what you think

TechRepublic needs your feedback! Let us know what you think about the new Web site layout, Feature Member Profiles, or anything else related to IT. Leave a post below or send us an e-mail.