Getting help for disaster recovery (DR) projects can be a
daunting task to say the least. In addition to training on new equipment and
having vendors and contractors help out, you may find you need even more
assistance. For example, how can you find out what works and what doesn’t
without going through the process of trial and (expensive) error? Networking
with other tech professionals can be a huge asset when it comes to planning
your DR strategy.

Finding professional
is a good first step toward networking in the DR world. Many
larger companies sponsor meetings where you can find other IT professionals
working on those platforms and experts in those fields. For example, Microsoft
often offers seminars and other events, where professionals and Microsoft
employees get the chance to exchange information and ideas on different
platforms. Oracle,
Sun Microsystems, IBM,
and many other companies also provide these types of events, which offer an
incredible chance to network on those particular topics.

Third parties also sponsor various events that can offer a
vendor-neutral place to come together and discuss particular topics. User groups
are one example of this kind
of event
, where the group-sponsored organization meets regularly to promote
ideas and exchange information. Often, various vendors will be invited to
showcase their products, offering you a glimpse of what they have to offer without
any hard-sell tactics.

Larger non-vendor events can give you the opportunity to
network with a much broader group of tech pros. Common examples of these events
are consumer conferences such as ComDex and PCExpo, as well as industry-specific
events run by firms such as Gartner. Though
these events probably won’t focus on a particular product or set of
technologies, chances are you will find many other professionals who are
looking to share knowledge on topics related to DR planning and implementation.

Working cooperatively with other tech professionals gives you
the opportunity not only to get help on significant projects, but also to give
back to the community at large—so everyone wins. Always remember you do not
have to go it alone, and taking advantage of networking with other tech pros
will give you an advantage in your DR planning that goes far beyond even the
best training money can buy.

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