So you’re not a graphic designer? Don’t worry, trainers, you don’t have to go to Web graphics training to create some really cool materials for your next project—especially if you have at your fingertips. You can fool them all when you show them your next graphics project, complete with some of the newest and coolest styles of logos, buttons, and bullets. Talk about putting blinders over their eyes; they’ll never know you didn’t pay someone a fortune for this one.

What is
If you develop Web-based training, this site is for you. Bryan Livingston’s is designed for anyone who wants or needs to create Web page graphics. There’s no need to worry about copyrights, because this online service is totally free. According to Livingston, you’re welcome to use whatever you want without giving anyone but yourself the credit for your awesome work.

How to get started
First you have to decide what kind of image you want to create. Included in the arsenal of options are 14 basic text types, 52 fonts, a wide variety of textures, and every imaginable color under the rainbow. My favorite text type is Glowing Hot, and I love the elegant but snazzy Florencelight font. The fonts are worth checking out; I haven’t seen some of them before.

Complete the form
Once you’ve selected the text type, font, font size, and color, simply fill out the form provided on the site and click on the Render button. And there you go, you have your first “foolproof” custom graphic generated by none other than you.

Creating graphics
All you have to do is select the type of graphic you want and the style of the graphic you like best. Once you do this, another form appears to allow you to modify the various parameters and submit the new graphic to be generated. By the way, you’re allowed to use any of the generated graphics made available to you at this site in any way, shape, or form.

Site technicalities
The hardware platform is a 200-MHz Intel Pentium with 96 MB of RAM and 5 GB of hard disk space. The site is currently running Red Hat Linux, Gimp 1.0, Apache Web server, and XFree86 XVFB (X Virtual Frame Buffer). Gimp is the core-rendering engine.

Overall rating
I really had a lot of fun with this site. It’s definitely one that everyone should save as a bookmark favorite. Even if you’re not creating Web-based training, you still can enjoy the site. There are several links from the home page that take you to other sites offering graphics, fonts, icons, and logos, so you can have fun linking, too.

The only thing that stumped me was that the site’s texture screen lists pages 1 through 6 across the top and bottom of the screen, giving the impression that there are more pages to view. However, if you click on any of the page numbers, you don’t go anywhere. I’m not sure if it’s a technical issue or if there should be more pages to choose from.

Check out for yourself and have fun! I did.
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