As the editor of TechRepublic’s IT News Digest newsletter, I try my best to steer clear of stories that discuss porn. There’s not a moral issue going on here. For me, it’s all about keeping it clean so that subscribers actually receive the mail, since a lot of spam filters gobble up e-mails that have the word “porn” in the subject line and/or body.

However, today I made an exception, because the story also deals with security. According to a story, a Trojan horse (dubbed “Yusufali-A”) scans the title bar of an active Web browser window and jumps into action when it sees any one of nine terms, including sex, teen, xxx, and exhibitionism. You can read the story here: “Trojan swaps porn sites for Koran text” (

How embarrassing would that be to report to the network administrator at your organization?  I can almost see the headlines… “Employee attacked by trojan while visiting x-rated Web site”…  Please, stop me now.