No, I’m not upgrading my operating system (though Ted, our IT guy, did

get me a really sleek new work PC, which led to all my browser

preferences being lost, so I finally switched to Firefox full time, if

only for the Sage RSS reader).

No, we’re having replacement windows installed in our house. Our old

windows were original, single pane, crank-out aluminum jobs from the

mid 1950s that had no insulation value, had 50 years of bad paint jobs

caked on them, and many of which would not open. (Our house is actually

a little prefab type from the Korean War era, built mostly for people

who moved to Louisville to work at GE’s Appliance Park.) So, yeah,

that’s a good thing.

My only issue is the window in the bathroom (which wasn’t frosted, so

we actually had to hang blinds in the shower). The installers are going

to have to disassemble some tile to get that one out, which at best may

take our only shower out of commission for a couple of days, and at

worst may require us to replace the backing board behind the entire

shower wall, which would be really expensive and take quite a while.

Once that’s done, we have some painting, flooring, and gutter work to

do, and then we’ll have the house more or less where we want it. It’s

only taken four years to get there, and we plan to move out in the next

2-3 years. Of course, we’ll have about 1/3 equity in the house by that

point, so we’re a little excited about that.

Think I’ll call the wife (working from home today to supervise) now and check up on the window progress.