While a lot of us today seem to be too busy to stop and think about the next version of technology X, there are still a lot of developers who are keen to get involved in beta programs, and Adobe is doing something to make that easier.

Macromedia and Adobe have both previously run closed beta programs, with NDAs often requiring participants to deny that such betas even existed. But that changed with Macromedia launching Labs last year, a site where alpha and beta software is freely available to developers for download.

The site was introduced with the alpha release of Flex 2 by Macromedia, and opened with not only downloads of Flex and Flex Builder but extensive support for users including a wiki. Another highlight was a free developer download of Flash Lite 2 for mobile phones which is normally sold online for USD $10.00.

Adobe has joined in the Macromedia spirit of things, keeping Labs active and since the merger and adding public betas of Lightroom, their new image manipulation and management application for digital photography professionals that they’ve had in development for over a year.

Labs is definitely worth keeping an eye on as there are new versions of popular Macromedia software slated for development this year.