Getting quick access to Windows 2000 Professional documents

You can get to your Windows 2000 Professional documents more quickly by creating a special directory structure leading to your favorite documents. Here's how to put your most used documents at your fingertips.

The Documents menu on the Windows 2000 Professional Start menu automatically displays the last fifteen documents you've opened, providing quick access to recently opened files. The Documents menu also contains a link to the My Documents folder, which points to \Documents and Settings\user\My Documents (if you performed a clean install of Windows 2000) or \%systemroot%\Profiles\user\My Documents (if you upgraded from Windows NT).

You can gain more effective use of My Documents and access your documents even more quickly by creating a directory structure under My Documents to contain the documents you use most often. Creating the directory structure organizes the documents, and a change to the Start menu can make them even easier to access.

  1. Right-click the taskbar and go to Properties | Advanced.
  2. In the Start Menu Settings list, select the option Expand My Documents.
  3. Click OK.

The next time you open the My Documents item on the Documents menu, the menu will expand to show the directory structure and contents of My Documents, rather than opening the folder itself. Simply right-click My Documents and choose Open if you prefer to open the folder window.

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