In honor of this week’s Star Trek Convention (held August 5 -8, 2010 in Las Vegas), Geekend contributor Wally Bahny compiled a list of 20 collectibles from The Online Star Trek Store that you may want to purchase for yourself or for a gift to a fellow Trekkie.

If you attend the Star Trek Convention, you might be able to get William Shatner to autograph your box of Tiberius Cologne for Men or request that Leonard Nimoy sign the box of your Tree Star featuring Spock. If you cannot make it to the event, you can always sit in your Captain’s Chair replica (which will run you approximately $3,100) and imagine the conversations you would have had with Patrick Stewart, George Takei, Julie Newmar, and the other guests scheduled to attend.

See all of the items featured in the TechRepublic gallery, Star Trek collectibles for the ultimate Trekkie.

Photo credit: The Official Star Trek Store.

These are the 20 collectibles featured in our Star Trek gift gallery:

  1. Original Series Tricorder
  2. Star Trek Classic Captain’s Chair Replica
  3. Limited Edition Starfleet Assault Phaser
  4. Enterprise USB Webcam
  5. USB Communicator
  6. Tree Star featuring Spock
  7. Tiberius Cologne for Men
  8. Communicator Key Chain
  9. Puzzle Cube Clip
  10. Captain Kirk Bear
  11. Jean-Luc Picard 1:6 Scale Next Generation Action Figure
  12. Two Tone Delta Shield Cuff Links
  13. Light-up Water Tube Transporter
  14. Star Trek Captain’s Edition Scene It?
  15. Star Trek XI Enterprise 1:2500 Model Kit
  16. Glasses Set
  17. Odo Action Figure
  18. Star Trek XI Kirk Dog Tag
  19. Captain Janeway Bust
  20. Connor Trinneer Autographed Photo

If you have attended a Star Trek convention, please share your stories from the event with the TechRepublic community.

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