One of the truly enjoyable parts of my role as News Editor for TechRepublic is getting the opportunity to talk to some cool people who are making a splash in the tech scene, such as Girls in Tech (GIT) co-founder Adriana Gascoigne. I recorded a podcast with Adriana back in mid-April, and just recently published it to the site. Check out the article, “Girls in Tech aims for a cutting-edge approach to supporting women in IT.”

According to Adriana, GIT is different from other female organizations in the IT realm because it caters mostly to the Web 2.0 audience, offering a cutting-edge spin and dealing with the issues that are happening right now in the second wave of startups.

Is Girls in Tech just for women? Yes, and no. In order to get into GIT, you must be nominated by three women who are already part of the organization. Adriana says, “We need to know a little bit of background, a little detail of their work experience, and why they want to be a part of the organization. We want people who are really serious about helping this organization grow and bringing something to the table.”

So, what about all you Boys in Tech? While you can’t specifically “join” GIT, you can certainly do your part by helping support the organization. See this snip from the GIT Mission Statement:

Girls in Tech is an organization which caters to intelligent, professional, and influential women working in technology and seeks to partner with our male counterparts. The organization is a membership driven group, which serves as a tool to empower and encourage innovation, inspiration, and involvement among its members.

It’s no secret that IT is a male-dominated field, and having more women get interested and pursue technology is a definite plus. GIT hopes to encourage, inspire, and involve more women in the tech industry, especially women who want to start their own companies. Check out the Girls in Tech Web site to find out a little bit more about the organization.

For more information about GIT, including a fun peek at Adriana Gascoigne, take a look at these links:

I’ll be keeping tabs on GIT and updating the TechRepublic community on GIT happenings and developments. I also hope to participate in GIT networking events in the near future, to GIT involved and (as we say it here in Kentucky) to GIT her done.