Building a slide deck, pitch, or presentation? Here are the big takeaways:

  • GitHub has released the GitHub Learning Lab, an online app that helps developers get better at using GitHub.
  • In the GitHub Learning Lab, developers can learn how to use GitHub Pages, move projects, merge conflicts, and more.

Software development platform GitHub is one of the most common destinations for developers online. And now GitHub has introduced a training app to help new developers learn the basics–the GitHub Learning Lab.

Announced in a Thursday blog post, the Learning Lab was built by the GitHub Training Team, using best practices they had put together after years of training people on Git and GitHub. The lessons are interactive, and the series of educational labs are led by a bot that provides feedback along the way.

“With GitHub Learning Lab, you’ll learn through issues opened by a bot in a GitHub repository,” the post said. “After you finish tasks, the bot will comment on your work and even review your pull requests like a project collaborator would.”

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Any questions or issues that a student may come across can be answered in the GitHub Learning Lab Community Forum. The forum will host other developers, as well as some members of the GitHub Training Team, to make sure students are kept on track, the post noted.

According to the post, the GitHub Learning Lab will feature five courses to begin with:

  1. Introduction to GitHub
  2. Communicating using Markdown
  3. GitHub Pages
  4. Moving your project to GitHub
  5. Managing merge conflicts

A course titled “Contributing to open source” is also in the works, the post noted. This lab will teach students how to make a contribution to an open source project within a “friendly mapping project,” the post said.

The GitHub Learning Lab will continue to add new lab authors and other features as it grows. Users can track their progress and show off their new skills on a GitHub Learning Lab profile page, the post said.

Interested developers can get started with the GitHub Learning Lab here.