It’s a great myth: Once wide-eyed clients, eager to reap the benefits of an online presence, poured buckets of time and money on every project. In truth, it was never really  that rosy. However, it’s certain that consultants who propose new online projects for existing or potential clients will face more scrutiny compared to a few years ago.

Think of your own business. Haven’t there been projects that have been rolled out that left you and your colleagues wondering how they would benefit your company, or more pointedly, how they would help your business make money or cut costs? The answer should be as evident as the computer on your desk.

Any consultant worth an hourly rate should be prepared to offer clear answers when clients want to know how a project will help their business. To help consultants outline how a project will benefit their client’s business, we’ve put together a sample project proposal sheet to address client questions and concerns.

The proposal document, based on one used by TechRepublic, allows consultants to detail the project, how it will generate revenue or save money, and the business case behind it. In addition, the sheet asks for information on:

  • How the company will benefit from implementation.
  • The strategic or operational need the project fulfills.
  • The project’s functionality.
  • The project’s data reporting/tracking requirements.
  • When the project needs to be deployed.
  • How the project will be judged a success.

If you’re with a business that’s being courted by consultants, you can also use this proposal form to make sure your questions are addressed before you begin your latest online initiative. If you have a form like this that you would like to share with other TechRepublic members, send it to us. We’ll send you a TechRepublic coffee mug or T-shirt if we use it.