Every office needs a modern and comprehensive set of employee policies to operate smoothly. No one wants to come up empty handed when problems like political disagreements or even routine tasks such as performance reviews arise. This collection of policies from TechRepublic Premium will ensure that your human resources toolkit has the resources to handle any situation that may come up. 

Employee performance review policy

A good review process builds a rapport between workers and managers. Employees who receive detailed and constructive feedback about their work are more engaged and can learn how to address shortcomings. This policy outlines the review process and provides detailed review criteria.

7 steps for onboarding remote employees

Now that remote work has become the norm for many companies, it’s important to make sure the onboarding process works in this setting as well. IT departments have to revamp existing processes to be sure that new workers receive what they need, feel welcome, and have the appropriate contact information in case things go wrong or questions arise.

Employee political activity policy

This sample policy covering employee political activity provides guidelines for protecting and maintaining the safety of all employees, customers and vendors regardless of political affiliation. This policy represents best practice consensus as established by various standard-setting authorities, including the Society for Human Resource Management.

Severe weather and emergency policy

Many companies still maintain physical office spaces with workers who must be on-site to manage hands-on operations. It is critical for organizations to have a well-documented set of procedures outlining how to handle severe weather and other emergencies. This guide covers physical safety as well as responsibilities such as payroll and other operational issues. 

Checklist: Office relocation

This checklist will walk you through all the steps required to launch a new office location. From planning the move and scoping out the physical infrastructure to opening the doors, this guide makes it easy to set up shop in a new spot.