Analyst firm IDC has released its latest quarterly report on global PC shipments. The report noted that worldwide shipments increased by more than 15 percent in the last quarter of 2007.

Still, analysts are quick to warn that this growth is likely to slow over the next few years.

Here’s a look at the performance of the primary incumbents, as noted by Channel Register:

  • HP continued to dominate the industry, scooping up a 19 percent share of the worldwide market
  • Dell bumped up its worldwide shipments in the final quarter of 2007, buoyed by its retail expansion in the United States, although its overall growth in that region was down four percent for the year
  • Acer saw a massive growth spurt in Q4 of 60 percent as it swallowed up Gateway and plumped up its presence in many regions, achieving a 9.6 percent global share of shipments for the period
  • Lenovo saw a third consecutive quarter of growth over 22 percent

Which brand above is the predominant choice in your organization?