Google’s Gmail upgrade is being ridiculed in an increasing number of forums due to various problems. According to users whose accounts have been upgraded to Gmail 2.0, the new Gmail downloads e-mail slowly, fails to load pages, and also crashes browsers.

According to Network World:

Ironically, Gmail 2.0, which features an upgraded contacts manager, is designed to be faster and more stable. Gmail 2.0 is based on what a Google spokesman calls “a major structural code change” upon which new features will be launched in coming months.

Spokesman Jason Freidenfelds wrote via e-mail:

Most users should see a marked improvement in performance. We recommend using IE7 and Firefox 2 to take full advantage of Gmail’s speedier interface.

Google is progressively moving people to Gmail 2.0, so some users will have it while others don’t.

Additional reading:

Gmail users, have you been upgraded to Gmail 2.0 yet? What are your experiences with it so far?


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