Linux Mint 12 “Lisa” has arrived with enough GNOME options to placate most GNOME 3 haters. Mint arrives with a GNOME 3 desktop modified with custom themes and extensions to replicate the older GNOME 2 environment; the standard GNOME 3 fallback environment; and MATE, a GNOME 2 fork designed to replicate the older desktop environment.

Mint has also moved to a new business model and changed the default search engine in its Firefox install to DuckDuckGo.

According to the Lisa What’s New page: “[DuckDuckGo] doesn’t show different results depending on who’s making the search, it doesn’t track or record user information, it provides you with optimised results and it’s built on and contributes to open source.”

A list of mirrors is found on the announcement page.

Learn about the new Linux Mint 12 “Lisa” release in our gallery.