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If the last 18 months or so has you longing to shake up your life, why not switch to an exciting new job in a well-paid industry, become your own boss or even just boost your budget with a lucrative side hustle? All of those are possible if you learn how to build Apple apps, and it’s not nearly as difficult as you might imagine. SwiftUI is an incredible tool offered by Apple that makes creating iOS apps a lot easier and faster, and the affordable Complete SwiftUI Developer Course can take you from absolute beginner to expert. Best of all, you can train at your own pace without taking time away from your current job.

Start with “SwiftUI Apps for All Apple Platforms,” which will teach you how to create apps and widgets for Mac, iPhone, iPadApple Watch, and even AppleTV. This course is designed for complete novices, with no prior knowledge or experience required. You’ll learn the fundamentals of SwiftUI, then dive right into creating apps and widgets. Former students have been very satisfied with this class, rating it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

They also gave instructor Nick Walter a 4.5 out of 5-star rating of his own. Given that he was one of only 25 students in the world to be singled out by Apple when he was a student himself, his expertise is well-known.

Move on to the intermediate level “SwiftUI Animations,” where you can gain valuable experience while having loads of fun with many hands-on projects of all skill levels using various types of animations. Since animations are interactive, they really make apps come alive and stand out from the crowd. You will also learn how to make projects more interactive by adding sound.

Finish up with “The Complete SwiftUI Developer Course,” where you can learn how to confidently use SwiftUI to build apps such as clones of WhatsApp and the Catch The Kenny game. A certificate of completion is included, as well, which can make an excellent addition to your resume. Be sure to brush up on valuable resume and interview tips to make sure you snag that dream job. Get the Complete SwiftUI Developer Bundle for only $24.99 today (normally $600).

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