Have you ever thumbed through office supply catalogs hoping to find the right training supplies? I’ve never had any luck with such catalogs, and buying directly from a manufacturer was the only other option, so I was pleased to find The Trainer’s Warehouse . The Trainer’s Warehouse carries all the basics, as well as an unusual collection of products to spice up your training sessions.

Tricks of the training trade
The Trainer’s Warehouse has the training essentials of your dreams. Looking for name cards, flip charts, or a wide variety of creative training aids? You can find them at the site.

Want to put a little magic into your training? How about a magic lightbulb for brainstorming sessions? Even if you aren’t a fan of goofy magic tricks, there are plenty of more subdued attention grabbers. My favorite is the Saturation Meter. No more guesswork on when students are ready for a break; once they’ve reached their saturation points, they just move their meter from empty to full. There are also games and music, which most people enjoy regardless of the topic taught.

On a technical note
The Trainer’s Warehouse also carries technical products such as remote mouse devices and lightweight amplifiers. Software products for sale include learning games, quizzes, and training management systems.

Other advantages of this Web site include:

  • Software demos offered on the site
  • Detailed product descriptions
  • Pictures of the products

The verdict
The Trainer’s Warehouse knows its audience’s needs, and it tries to supply products so conveniently that any trainer’s shopping job will be much easier. You can also order your products by mail-order catalog. Just complete the catalog order form online and have the catalog sent to you. Training tips are among the listings of products in the catalog.

The site’s only negative aspect is the lack of variety in product brands. As a shop-aholic, I like to select from a wide collection of vendors to find the best price and quality. The Trainer’s Warehouse limits you to a few selected name brands.

Keep The Trainer’s Warehouse in mind when you need to replenish your supplies or want to look for a nifty attention grabber. Happy shopping!
If you have a training aid or resource that you’d like to share with other trainers, please post your comments below or send us an e-mail .

Susanne E. Krivanek is a training coordinator/analyst for Systems & Computer Technology Corp. , Education Solutions Division, which specializes in the development of software product training and certification programs. She has a training background in brokerage software, office applications, and business entrepreneurship, and she speaks on maximizing training effectiveness.