OK, I don’t care if you are an ecology nut (like me) or not; stacks of old publications are the bane of the existence of many geeks, and especially geek spouses. Personally it is one big reason we bought a backhoe.

You probably thought that Adobe acrobat was the only way to get specially formatted electronic documents, but did you ever hear of zinio.com?

This has got to be the coolest new online application – for a fraction of the delivered cost of print publications you get the identical publication online and view it using the free Zinio reader.

Zinio is so cool that it made my lady gasp when I showed her my first electronic issue of Technology Review.

You see, Zinio looks exactly like a real print magazine, complete with turning pages!

There are a LOT of magazines available ranging from Penthouse to Computer Shopper.

Check out this great service for yourself at (where else?) zinio.com.

I gotta load this onto my TabletPC just to see the look on people’s faces when they try reading over my shoulder.