Whether you’re a trainer, admin, or support pro seeking IT certification, Gocertify.com has what you need. You can find free quizzes, links to the certification headquarters for Microsoft, Cisco and Java, link to various related Web sites, and loads of topical information.

Click to any of Gocertify’s nine features for these subjects:

  1. Certification News: This page provides you with the latest and greatest news related to certification, with topics including MCP Magazine’s 4th annual salary survey and Nortel’s certification program framework changes.
  2. Reading Room: Are you looking for some good reading on IT and certification topics? This page has it with three forms to choose from: RealNet Internet talk radio, articles, and white papers.
  3. Self-study S tore: Find the books, software, videos, and other materials you need to help you ace the certification exams in your future. This page organizes them by certification program and areas of interest.
  4. Resource Center: Eager to find links to sites that will help you prepare for exams? This is an awesome page full of links to 22 sites, self-study training vendors, downloadable files, including a Microsoft Excel worksheet for calculating the cost of certification, and newsletters and magazines.
  5. Message Board: This feature lets you participate in EarthWeb discussion newsgroups. The newsgroups formed so far include A+, Cisco, Java, Microsoft, Lotus, and Novell.
  6. Certification Programs: If you’re looking for a sponsoring company or organization for the certification you’re interested in, this page lets you browse through an a lphabetical list of the various sponsoring companies.
  7. Swap Shop: Do you have used books, manuals, hardware, a nd software that you used to prep for your last certification exam you want to get rid of? This page allows you to buy/sell/trade your items by posting them here at your own risk. These postings are for individuals only. They must be current materials, not outdated stuff.
  8. Live Chat Room: Every Wednesday night at 9 P.M. EST, you can join the live chat room. Don’t try chatting at any other time during the week because you’ll be talking to yourself—unless you like talking to yourself, that is.
  9. Find a Job: As with most IT Web sites, you can search f or an IT job online.

What I like about the site
Resource Center and Swap Shop are my favorites. Resource Center has a lot of really good links for finding self-study materials and newsletters and magazines to help keep you keep up to date with the IT and certification. Swap Shop is a great tool, considering most people put so much money into purchasing the exam prep materials. It reminds me of the college bookstore at the end of the semester when you try to trade in those books you know you won’t need again. This tool allows you to swap material with others too, which is great for your wallet. Cool idea.

Overall review
The designers of Gocertify.com found a great way to organize a lot of information right at the home page. A lot of our readers request sites that provide help for certification exam preparation, and I found a lot here that I haven’t seen before. The site appears to be updated weekly, based on the dates posted within the news and articles sections.

If you’re in the process of studying for IT certification or if it’s in your future, you definitely want to add Gocertify.com as a reference tool.
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