Going green in the data center

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Reduce your company's carbon footprint by following responsible business practices and reducing energy usage in the data center.

Going green is a key phrase used in a range of industries, and IT is not exempt. As worldwide energy needs and concerns about climate change continue to increase, environmentally responsible business practices are critical for the successful future of a company and the markets in which it operates.

Green energy and sustainability savings in the data center provide financial benefits, as evidenced by Google, which spent $25,000 to reduce its energy usage and now saves $67,000 per year as a result. It also reduces organizational power demands and, of course, a company's carbon footprint.

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But don't just stop with reducing energy usage. By building or retrofitting a data center to green energy codes, companies can obtain green energy certifications such as the U.S. Green Building Council Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Energy Star for Data Centers. It gives a company an edge to be able to report to stockholders and employees that it is operating in a certified green, energy-efficient manner.

Download Tech Pro Research's IT Data Center Green Energy Policy. This policy will help companies meet green standards for IT data center operations, which includes details on how to save on hardware, software and services. The policy's goal is to ensure that equipment operates as efficiently as possible through current technological and planning strategies and to reduce operational waste and to maximize productivity.

Take your company's data center to the next level and make sure it's a green one.

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