Going old school with tape backup

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Tape backup technology is older than many of the IT professionals supporting it, with the first tape drive debuting in 1951. But six decades later, the technology is still in widespread use, with 83 percent of companies still relying on it. Use Tech Pro Research's backup tape calculator to determine your company's needs.

Backup tapes might be down, but they’re not out by a long shot. If your company is one of the 83 percent still relying on them, use Tech Pro Research's Tape Backup Calculator to determine your how much tape backup capacity you need on an annual basis.

Tape backup remains in widespread use despite the competitive advances in disk and cloud based backup solutions. A Storage Media Group survey states that 83 percent of companies are still using tape for at least some of their backups and roughly the same amount depend on it in some measure for data archival purposes. 

As a result, tape remains a steady workhorse with a lot going for it. According to an article on Infostor.com, 10 Reasons Tape Storage Is Better Than Disk, tape is cheaper, more reliable and has greater capacity than SATA disk based backups. The article points out tapes can hold up to five terabytes (Tb) of data. Tapes have a life span of decades these days, compared to disks which may only last a quarter or less of that timeframe even in ideal conditions.

Virtualization strategies and cloud-based data protection are also considerations, as well as the obvious difference between comparing the speed of network bandwidth to tape drive speeds.

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Download Tech Pro Research's Tape Backup Calculator toolkit to find out what will work best for your data backup needs.

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