I knew it would only be a matter of time before News.com covered the Olympic Games and how technology plays a part in how the world receives information about it: “Video, podcasts, and blogs track Olympic Games.”

According to the article, “This year, podcasts, blogs, video, animation, and satellite images of the event locations all will give viewers a more intimate look at the events and athletes’ lives than they’ve ever had. It’s also one of the biggest online events of the year for companies like ESPN, Yahoo, and NBC Universal, which has the exclusive broadcast rights in the United States.”

I also prompted TechRepublic members to tell me what technology format they preferred when watching, listening to, or reading about the Winter Games. Call me old fashioned, but I really enjoy sitting in front of the TV and watching the events – from skiing to skating to the luge. Of course, that’s if I have time to sit leisurely in front of the TV. There are also times when I want to get online and check out the highlights and to see how many gold medals have been won by the United States. If you’ve been looking for some great links that provide comprehensive coverage of the Olympic Games, I highly suggest that you check out this article. You won’t be disappointed.