GoMedigap switches from unreliable Microsoft Dynamics to Velocify cloud software

Richard Cantu of GoMedigap knows a good thing when he sees it. CRM software from Velocify helped help him manage a competitive insurance sales cycle and boost conversions.

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Richard Cantu, President and Founder of GoMedigap, was searching for a CRM solution to leverage in the highly competitive Medicaid supplemental insurance market. After trying other solutions, he discovered that Velocify could customize to meet his sales reps' needs, had a prioritization feature to optimize sales activity, and had the customer support and value that other solutions lacked.

Velocify is a provider of cloud-based intelligent sales software. Since adopting Velocify in 2011, Cantu has added 10 sales reps to his firm, a 250% increase.

"From 2008 to 2010, we used a very simple, insurance-focused CRM system that was pretty decent, but had a lot of extra features in there," said Cantu. "It had some limitations with reporting, and with the ability to customize the system."

"I was looking for something that would be more customizable with additional fields," added Cantu. "I wanted to be able to track policies and other things better."

Cantu looked at Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. "Between Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft was much more customizable, and for business to consumer (B2C) much better for selling to individual customers." The consulting and setup fees for the Microsoft solution totaled $40,000, something he would not soon forget.

"I used the hosted version of MS Dynamics," said Cantu, "and it was a very painful process. They would detach the entire database from the CRM solution during working hours -- it was just really strange. Microsoft would make changes during the day that would just shut us down. And we were shut down several times for half a day."

"I ran this all the way up to the executive level, and they apologized profusely," said Cantu. "This cost me a lot of business, so I started looking again after about a year with Microsoft."

Manage and automate the insurance sales cycle

The main issue that GoMedigap was trying to solve was "being able to manage our normal sales cycle, and do it in as automated a way as possible," explained Cantu. "We wanted the ability to type in notes, set call reminders, and have pre-configured auto-responder leads that would go out based on certain situations, and be able to work a pipeline actively with those tools."

In early 2011, Cantu took another look at Salesforce. There were things that appealed to him, "but if I wanted certain features I had to go out to their marketplace, and buy a service from a third party. And at the time they were mainly business-to-business (B2B), and they had business-related fields and associations within their software that really just did not work for us."

"And as I brought on new agents," explained Cantu, "I did not want them to be confused by all these fields. So it was just a lot easier to build something that was very specific to us, and Salesforce did not allow us to do that."

Velocify: prioritization and customization

Then Cantu discovered Velocify. "I started researching them, and had really good conversations with their sales reps. They let me have a short trial. I looked at the prioritization feature, and thought that it was just brilliant. And then the ability to customize fields and build out the system the way that I wanted to, without having to spend $40,000 in consulting services to get it done -- those were really, really big features."

Compared to Salesforce, said Cantu, "for our purposes Velocify just made a lot more sense. The main thing was our ability to customize it specific to our needs -- to be able to actually create all the form fields that we wanted to capture without any unnecessary fields being in there."

"They were very, very helpful in helping me get things set up the way I wanted them," added Cantu, "without this huge, long, expensive consultation. That is actually one of the things I was impressed with. Velocify helped me map everything out and then helped me install the whole thing."

"Outside of an issue about 18 months ago, they have been extremely reliable. We have not had to worry about us having downtime because of Velocify, whereas I have had that issue in the past with other solutions."

Results of the Velocify solution

Prioritized queue: empowering sales reps

"The prioritized queue gives us so much flexibility to build intelligence into the system," said Kevin Walbrick, COO of GoMedigap, "that drives and influences sales rep behavior around the way they prioritize their work, and as Richard and I define priorities on the backend."

"Our reps actually see it as helpful," added Walbrick, "because it removes a lot of the decisions they would normally have to make around what call they make next. And as we monitor business results, we can tweak those priorities based on what we think would better optimize the return to the business."

Leveraging the queue: first to call a lead

"One of the highly-valued calls a rep can make is when a new lead is purchased or generated for marketing," explained Walbrick. "The first person to call that customer, do the initial education, and build rapport with them has the best opportunity to win the business."

"So we prioritize new leads at the top of the queue," said Walbrick. "We also prioritize return web visits, when we have a contact in our database and they come back to our website. We push those contacts back up to the top of the sales prioritized queue, so they can make that call right away, because that's a buying signal."

Call flow: consistency and visibility

"We have done a lot of our own research at GoMedigap," said Walbrick, "and have come up with our own proprietary call flow, with a certain number of calls in a certain period of time. When a new person comes in, they don't have to figure all that out."

"From a business standpoint," added Walbrick, "it gives us consistency in making sure that the call flow that we think is ideal for producing business results is followed on a consistent basis. And from a management standpoint, it is pretty darn easy to walk up to a sales rep and look at their prioritized queue [set up with the Velocify solution] and quickly get a feel for how things are going and to what extent they are following that call flow."

ROI benefit: costs and sales conversion

"The biggest drivers in our business are lead costs and sales conversion," explained Walbrick. "So it does not take much of a lift in reducing lead costs and driving up sales conversion to see a significant ROI."

"So the prioritization queue and system as a whole allows us to maximize the value of every expensive lead that we either create ourselves or purchase," said Walbrick. "And we've got all the support on the backend with the nurturing emails to optimize and improve our conversion."

Additional sales staff

"When we first went with Velocify we had four agents," said Cantu. "We have 14 now and we are moving to 18, and it gives us a lot of confidence knowing that we can show people our system and processes, that it is built into Velocify. It is pretty easy for new agents to get on the phones and know what to do. It's all right there in front of them."

By Brian Taylor

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