Since TechRepublic’s launch last year, IT pros wanting answers to day-to-day questions have used our site as a knowledge resource. Whether you’re a newbie wanting to learn more about Linux, or a network administrator with questions about Windows NT, you’ve been able to find solutions in our Forum section.

So if you like Forums, we hope you’ll love Technical Q&A. Our Forums section has been redesigned to let members communicate more freely and find answers to tough questions.

Members who post questions or propose answers can now add comments to clarify information in the forum exchange. We’ve also adopted new policies on closing questions that have stayed inactive for a little too long and improved our forums’ statistics pages to better reflect our members’ participation. As always, members exchange TechPoints for answers.

Here’s a closer look:

Instead of clicking on the Forums link on the left navigation bar, you’ll head to the top of the page and link to Technical Q&A.

When you link to the Technical Q&A section, you will also find that the look has changed. If, for example, you are looking for answers to support-related questions, you will see this:

The first thing you’ll notice is how the page has changed. We now feature the number of questions that members have asked about a particular topic, how many have been resolved, and how many remain unanswered.

If you open a topic, you’ll also find a new filtering tool at the top of the page allowing you to be more selective with the topics you choose.

If you want periodic updates on questions featured in Technical Q&A, you can also subscribe to individual questions. To do so, click on Subscribe To This Question, under the member’s question. To unsubscribe, open My Questions on the upper right-hand portion of any Technical Q&A page and select the questions for which you no longer need updates.
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What do you think? What is good and what could be better about the new version of TechRepublic? Send us an e-mail with your comments.