FeedBurner, Panoramio, and now PeakStream… Google is at its acquiring best again. This time, however, it’s a strong move towards acquiring a firm that directly feeds to the Web major’s requirement, core server-processing power. The start-up firm PeakStream develops software that eases programming for multi-core and multiple processor chips (used intensively for Graphics processing), thus optimizing server performance.

Excerpt from article at the Inquirer:

PeakStream’s raison d’etre is to take standard code, then work out how best to massively thread it. This means that programmers can take advantage of parallel hardware, such as installations of AMD Stream processors, and write relatively simple code, leaving Peakstream to handle the threading.

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The technologies at PeakStream perfectly sync with the Web giant’s requirements of powering large scale servers that troll the Web for data and produce them to billions of computer screens world-wide. Will the other search contenders follow a similar trend in core technology acquisition? For one, RapidMind, the main competitor of PeakStream, would not mind that.