Google fiber is coming to your town. But not without a fight. After Louisville, Kentucky approved legislation that would allow Google Fiber to piggyback on pre-existing telecommunication infrastructure, AT&T sued the city.

TechRepublic’s reported:

The ordinance in question, known as “One Touch Make Ready,” essentially allows Google (or any other ISP) to install its equipment on existing utility poles, including those owned and maintained by AT&T. Despite strong opposition from AT&T and Time Warner Cable, the ordinance passed with a 23-0 vote.

AT&T claimed a need to defend past infrastructure investment, and that the ordinance violates current telecommunication rules. The city of Louisville countered claiming, “gigabit fiber is too important to our city’s future.” Google pledged to support the city.

Conner Forrest and Bill Detwiler help untangle the issue and make sense of the future of super-fast internet.


A few weeks ago we asked for your feedback about the Apple-FBI horn-lock. You delivered with dozens of email, voicemail, and comments. On this episode Bill shares some insightful listener feedback.

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