After several years’ in testing, often with less than strong support from Google,, or Google Answers quietly folded yesterday.

The first question asked had been “Why is the sky blue?.”

In an ironic twist, the title of that final question was, “Unable to process request. Please try again later.” The error message which often confronted researchers and customers alike, causing great frustration to one and all.

Google Answers was rated highly for the quality of answers, probably because, unlike some services such as Yahoo!’s Q&A service, Google Answers Researchers were carefully screened and only certified researchers were able to provide paid answers, although anyone could provide comments.

BTW, that last question was mine.

Google Answers will remain online for a period so open questions can be researched, but no more questions can be posted.

If you have a pending question, it may still be answered.

A check today showed that a number of high-value quesitons remain unanswered so GA will probably be relatively active until the final posting day on December 30.

Google has informed researchers that they will somehow be getting additional compensation for the ads displayed on their questions in addition ot the payment and tips for any questions they answer before the final closing date.

Farewell Google Answers, you really could have grown into something great.