Professional Android users may soon be getting an easier way to view and organize their daily tasks, thanks to Google’s newly designed Assistant.

According to a report from 9to5Google, this new Assistant feature will replace the “upcoming” tab in the Google app. The feature is meant to give users a “visual snapshot” of their day based on the current time, their location, and recent interactions.

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The new feature connects to third party apps as well as other Google features including calendar and Gmail, the report noted. Users can be notified about their estimated travel time to work, meetings scheduled through calendar, trips, bills, and even morning playlist suggestions.

The redesign was first teased at I/O 2018, Google’s annual conference for developers. According to the report, it has been seen on a couple of Pixel 2 phones and Google will be rolling out the updates to other devices soon.

Users can access the feature by holding down the home button and tapping on the icon in the right of the Assistant panel, according to the report.

Eliminating the “upcoming” tab makes an Android user’s Google experience more seamless with everything they’d need in an easy to access place. Professionals and business leaders could benefit from more contextual notifications and a clearer dashboard view into what they have going on during their day.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Business leaders can utilize Google Assistant’s new feature by getting a quick overview of what to expect during their day.
  • Replacing the “upcoming” tab with this new feature allows Google users to quickly access what they’re looking for based on their time and location.