Building a slide deck, pitch, or presentation? Here are the big takeaways:

  • Google is launching a version of G Suite designed for university faculty and students.
  • Available at a fraction of the cost of G Suite Enterprise, the software may amp up student productivity while providing schools a cost effective option.

Google is rolling out an education-focused version of G Suite for universities and other large educational institutions, the tech giant announced Tuesday.

Dubbed G Suite Enterprise for Education, the software will bring productivity and connectivity features to students and faculty, according to a Google blog post. Through the software, students may be able to work smarter and more easily connect with faculty and other staff members.

Upon launch, the offering will be similar to the G Suite used by traditional businesses use. More education-centric features will be tacked on in coming weeks, the post said.

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Multiple features focus on decreasing headaches and increasing productivity for students, the post outlined. Cloud search allows students to search across their entire account when trying to find a missing file. Lectures can be recorded, shared, and revisited using Drive. Hangouts Meet supports dial-in and can hold up to 50 people, presenting a connection option for small group work and hosting online classes.

The program also brings security features, including advanced mobile device management for BYOD situations, which could be helpful as more students work from their smartphones or tablets.

Other than boosting productivity in and around the classroom, the program may also be a cost-effective option for schools. While G Suite Enterprise costs $25 a user each month, the enterprise education version costs $4 a user each month to access the enterprise features, the post said. The preexisting G Suite for Education is free.

The extension of G Suite may help Google broaden its target audience for its suite of cloud-based office software, as many college students may not use an enterprise software. This may develop familiarity and brand loyalty for when the students graduate and enter the workforce.

In the enterprise announcement, Google also said it is rolling out a few security updates for G Suite for Education. Data loss prevention, security keys, and an option to digitally sign and encrypt emails are all available for free to current users.