Google has acquired Bitium in an effort to boost its identity management efforts in the cloud, the company announced in a Tuesday blog post. Bitium was founded five years ago, and provides identity and access management tools like SSO and cloud app provisioning, the post said.

While moving to the cloud has brought new levels of productivity and collaboration, the post said, it has also presented some new challenges for businesses.

“With the increase in cloud adoption, there are new considerations about how to manage cloud applications within an organization and to ensure that the right levels of security and user data access policies are in place,” the post said.

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In its post, Google said that its acquisition of Bitium would help fulfill its “Cloud Identity vision.” Google said that its enterprise customers want the kind of security solutions provided by Bitium that can work across cloud and mobile environments.

“Bitium helps us deliver a broad portfolio of app integrations for provisioning and SSO that complements our best in class device management capabilities in the enterprise,” the post said. “As we add Bitium’s capabilities, we’ll continue to work closely with our vibrant ecosystem of identity partners so that customers are able to choose the best solutions to meet their needs.”

While the security of the major hyperscale public cloud leaders has improved over the past few years, cloud security is a major concern for IT leaders. According to a recent Barracuda Networks survey, 74% of IT leaders cited security concerns as one of the main reasons that holds them back from cloud adoption.

The security stakes are higher for Google, though. In that same survey, Microsoft Azure was ranked as the most secure public cloud IaaS offering, which means that bar is set high for Google, as Microsoft already carries much enterprise clout.

And while many companies often move to the cloud for potential cost savings, security is an area where they’re willing to spend a little more. According to a 451 Research Report, 50% of organizations are willing to pay extra for security guarantees from their cloud vendor.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. Google recently acquired Bitium to improve identity and access management in the cloud.
  2. Google wants Bitium to help fulfill its “Cloud Identity vision,” which is essential in helping the platform assert itself as a competitor to Microsoft Azure and AWS.
  3. Security is a huge focus for IT leaders, as some 50% of organizations are willing to pay extra for security guarantees from their cloud vendor, according to 451 Research.